Back-to-Back Installlation



  • This is a basic back-to-back installation, it’s valued at R1999 and includes the following:
    • up to 3m piping it for a back to back installation
    • one set of Cantilever outdoor brackets
    • 1 meter power cable supplied with a 3-pin plug
    • up to 3 meters of conduit drainpipe/PVC pipe to disperse water
    • Test and user training upon completion of installation.
  • Here above stated rates apply only to back-to-back installations. In a long copper pipe run additional materials may be used.
  • Additional Materials that may apply includes:
    • Piping kit @ R180/meter
    • Trunking @ R60/meter
    • Drainpipe @ R25/meter
    • Electrical Cable @ R15/meter
    • Communication Cable @ R25/meter
    • 450mm Brackets @ R200/set
    • 550mm Brackets @ R250/set
    • 650mm Brackets @ R290/set
    • Water Drain Pump @ R1600 [includes fitting/installation & 6-month warranty
    • DB Electrical Connection @ R950 [includes isolator switch, circuit breaker and up to 10 meter electrical cable
  • Installation on 24000btu unit and above requires an isolator switch and circuit breaker which is a regulation requirement.
  • Any Additional Materials used will be invoiced separately.


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