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Jet-Air Amber Air Conditioner 22000BTU

The Jet-Air Amber Series features high energy efficiency in both cooling and heating. This way you can maintain the perfect temperature at home or in the office with the minimum power consumption which helps you save ...

Jet-Air J-Smart Mirror Inverter Air Conditioner 22000BTU [WiFi]

The J-Smart is an air conditioner with a design inspired by the form of a pebble. It exhibits a love of simplicity without adding superfluous decoration and is compatible with all lifestyles. Wherever you are, you ...

Samsung AR4500 24000BTU Inverter

Save money every day with digital inverter technology. It maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on, so there’s less fluctuation. And it uses strong magnets and a Muffler, so it is quieter, lasts ...