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Jet-Air – intelligent solutions & healthy life

Jet-Air entered the market in 1999 and relatively quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of smart home solutions. Jet-Air air conditioners are now available all around South Africa and surrounding countries. This allows us to offer technologically advanced, visually attractive and cost-effective devices that meet the highest quality standards and South African requirements for energy efficiency.

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What distinguishes Jet-Air air conditioners?

Jet-Air air conditioners inverter series use advanced technology to regulate operations of the rotary compressor thus maximizing efficiency while minimizing power consumption. Because of this, it is possible to precisely adjust the amount of refrigerant loaded per run. This also increases the lifespan of the device and facilitates comfort of use.
Inverter compressors are quieter, 4 times more efficient and up to 40% more economical than standard solutions.
Jet-Air air conditioners is distinguished by quiet operation – from 41 dB and a high energy class.


Efficient and energy-saving Jet-Air air conditioners

Modern Jet-Air air conditioners combine ecological solutions and innovative technologies . They are characterized by reliable operation and eye-catching design. Thanks to the operation of the ecological R410A refrigerant, Jet-Air air conditioning does not burden the environment and meets strict South African standards. It remains safe for nature and provides efficient operation for years.

All models are powered by a highly efficient compressor with advanced technology to minimize power consumption. They are distinguished by a high energy rating in cooling and heating mode , regardless of the series. Jet-Air Q-Series also has a tested Cold Plasma ionizer, which takes care of the air quality in the entire room. Effectively eliminating fine dust particles, viruses, bacteria, mold and allergens. For this reason, they are considered to be very good air conditioners for allergy sufferers. The convenience of use of the J-smart Series is ensured by the built-in Wi-Fi module, which allows to use it remotely from any place on Earth, regardless of time.

Advantages of Jet Air air conditioners

Jet Air air conditioners combine high quality components, comfort of use and solutions that will take care of the air in your home. It is unique not only due to the ingenious, “pebble” inspired simplistic design, but also being the first ever modular, easy install indoor unit, allowing easy dismantle and reassembly, making installation and service easier and faster.

1. High energy class B / A / A +

The inverter technology used means that the high energy class in cooling mode is achieved by all Jet-Air wall-mounted air conditioners. This means that users can enjoy the optimal air temperature without a significant jump in electricity bills.

2. iFeel Intelligent Temperature Control System

Convenience of use is one of the most important issues for the manufacturer. That is why the new Jet-Air inverter air conditioners are equipped with a special temperature sensor located in the remote control. Its task is to constantly monitor changing conditions and transfer data to the indoor unit. In this way, the device starts up adequately to meet the needs, which is important both for the comfort of users and the amount of energy consumed.

3. Quiet operation

Jet-Air air conditioners were designed for home and office use. Their work must therefore provide conditions for a peaceful rest or intense mental work. So silent operation is essential.

4. Self-cleaning

Jet-Air air conditioners are equipped with a practical self-cleaning function that starts automatically after each run. There is no growth of hazardous bacteria in the indoor unit. The user also does not have to worry about unpleasant odors and can enjoy a longer lifespan on the air conditioner and germ-free air in the room.

5. Modern design

Design matters – inside the apartment, nothing should distract you or affect your comfort. That is why Jet Air air conditioners were made with the utmost attention to the smallest detail.

6. WiFi Module

Jet-Air Intelligent Control incorporates a flexible yet reliable USB Wi-Fi hardware working on IOT 2.0 generation APP, available for IOS and ANDROID, allowing you to access your air conditioner from anywhere you are.

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Cold Plasma Ionizer

Jet-Air Q-series comes with a built-in Cold Plasma ionizer. Its task is to produce human-friendly negative ions, which are then released into the air in the room.

They are distinguished by the ability to surround and attract various types of pollution. Negative ions enter into a chemical reaction to eliminate various troublesome allergens. Q-Series can also eliminate fine dust particles, viruses, bacteria, mites, mold, pollen and neutralize unpleasant odors.

Basic functionalities of J-smart air conditioners

  • power range: 2.5 – 8.9 kW
  • energy class: B / A /A +
  • noise level: from 41 dB
  • EER for cooling: up to 3.14
  • COP for heating: up to 3.77
  • efficient heating & cooling temperatures: 16 ° C to 32 ° C

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Is it worth buying a Jet-Air portable air conditioner?

What distinguishes portable Jet-Air air conditioners? Their greatest advantages are certainly relatively easy installation and high mobility. They will be used primarily in rooms where it is impossible to forge walls. It is an ideal solution for flat / apartment residents, where there is no chance to install air conditioning directly on the facade.

Portable Jet-Air air conditioners are also chosen by people who want to cool down during the summer heat, and live in rented premises and do not have the right to make such large changes. They are compact and work effectively in a small space. In addition to the basic functionalities of cooling and heating the air, they can also effectively dry them.

5-year compressor warranty

Jet-Air air conditioners are covered by the manufacturer with a 5-year warranty on the compressor and 3-year on parts. This is subject to a tune-up and maintenance policy of once every 6-month. Patented technologies and innovative design solutions keep the failure rate of the devices at a very low level.

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