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NOTE: Please note that we are currently offering installation in Gauteng only. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and are working hard on expending our services countrywide. Contact us if you are not within 30km radius of a Johannesburg or Pretoria as Additional charges may apply if you are not within . All installations are performed within a 30km radius of major metropolitan area.


  • This is a basic back-to-back installation, it’s valued at R1999 and includes the following:
    • up to 3m piping it for a back to back installation
    • one set of Cantilever outdoor brackets
    • 1 meter power cable supplied with a 3-pin plug
    • up to 3 meters of conduit drainpipe/PVC pipe to disperse water
    • Test and user training upon completion of installation.
  • Here above stated rates apply only to back-to-back installations. In a long copper pipe run additional materials may be used.
  • Additional Materials that may apply includes:
    • Piping kit @ R180/meter
    • Trunking @ R60/meter
    • Drainpipe @ R25/meter
    • Electrical Cable @ R15/meter
    • Communication Cable @ R25/meter
    • 450mm Brackets @ R200/set
    • 550mm Brackets @ R250/set
    • 650mm Brackets @ R290/set
    • Water Drain Pump @ R1600 [includes fitting/installation & 6-month warranty
    • DB Electrical Connection @ R950 [includes isolator switch, circuit breaker and up to 10 meter electrical cable
  • Installation on 24000btu unit and above requires an isolator switch and circuit breaker which is a regulation requirement.
  • Any Additional Materials used will be invoiced separately.


  • The average installation time is about 2 to 3 hours.
  • Placement of the unit is determined by the technician on site – we advise clients to consult with the installation team on the feasibility and technicalities for their installation.
  • Installation is scheduled within a 2-5 working days from the day of booking depending on demand. – We are busy expending our team to allow much shorter waiting time.

We work on an technician-rated system based on customer feedback for workmanship provided and we would greatly appreciate you reviewing the work done 🙂




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