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Buy residential air conditioners for your home and office at Think Air. We’re an online HVAC systems retailer and caters a wide range of residential air conditioning products. Tame the heat or beat the cold, whatever your reason, you can save big when you shop online. Our wide range includes split residential air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioning systems, portable air conditioners,  heat pumps, extractor fans, dehumidifiers and much more. We offer quality branded products from leading manufacturers at the best price.

Jet-Air J-smart


  • Inverter & Non-Inverter Systems
  • WiFi Module: Intelligent Connection through smart phones
  • 3D AirFlow
  • Super Quiet
  • IR remote control with LCD display
  • Sleep Mode
  • Smart Display
  • Quick Cooling & Heating

Fixed Speed Models: JASA-H09/12/18/22/32/A4/JA

Inverter Models: JASA-H09/12/18/22/A4/JAI

Available Sizes: 9000Btu / 11000Btu / 18000Btu / 22000Btu / 30000Btu


The J-smart “pebble” design inspires simplicity and minimalism. It offers the first ever modular, easy to install indoor unit, allowing easy dismantle and reassembly, making installation and service easier and faster than ever.
The matt finish design incorporates a clean surface philosophy and ingenious concept allowing a low-noise and efficient operation. The front panel is equipped with a subtle LED information display.


LG Dual Inverter


LG Artcool Inverter is designed to be harmonized with the interior of your home with minimal and basic style. View Product

  • Dual Inverter Compressor™
  • 70% Energy Saving (12000Btu)
  • 60% Energy Saving (18000Btu & 24000Btu)
  • Faster Cooling & Heating
  • Ionizer Air Purification
  • SmartThinQ Wi-Fi Equipped

12000btu/h [up to 25m²]
12000btu/h [up to 25m²]
18000btu/h [up to 36m²]
18000btu/h [up to 36m²]
24000btu/h [up to 50m²]
24000btu/h [up to 50m²]

LG Dual Cool air conditioner‘s slim and modern design makes easy installation and convenient cleaning with EZ sliding filter. View Product

  • Dual Inverter Compressor™
  • 70% Energy Saving
  • Faster Cooling & Heating
  • Active Energy Control & Low Noise

9000btu/h [up to 18m²]
9000btu/h [up to 18m²]
12000btu/h [up to 25m²]
12000btu/h [up to 25m²]
18000btu/h [up to 36m²]
18000btu/h [up to 36m²]
24000btu/h [up to 50m²]
24000btu/h [up to 50m²]
34000btu/h [up to 70m²]
34000btu/h [up to 70m²]

Samsung Wind-Free™ AR6500 & AR7500 Inverter

Wind-Free™ technology

Samsung’s unique Wind-Free™ design disperses air through thousands of tiny micro-holes, eliminating unpleasant draughts and ensuring your comfort.

Fast Cooling function

Cool a whole room rapidly and effectively. Fast Cooling mode operates with the fastest fan speed, before slowing down.


Stay comfortably cool for much longer. The DuraFin+ is made of corrosion-resistant material to protect the condenser from rusting

Good Sleep mode

Automatically controls and fine-tunes the temperature to create the ideal conditions for each stage of the sleep cycle

AR7500 feautred

High energy rating

Energy Efficiency Class (cooling): A/A++ Available sizes: 12000Btu - 18000Btu - 24000Btu

Energy saving

A Digital Inverter 8-Pole consumes only 32% of the energy used by conventional models and maintains temperature without frequently turning off and on thus saving energy – up to 70%

HD Filter

The Easy Filter Plus can easily be taken out and cleaned and has an anti-bacterial coating that helps protect you against dangerous airborne contaminants.

5-year Warranty

Covered by the manufacturer with a 5-year warranty on the compressor and 5-year on parts

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